This extraordinary culture-food-life story-exchange will take place on Saturday 17th of June. A currently still growing number of people will welcome one (or two) guests at their home for dinner. On Saturday 1st of July, the hosts will become guests, it will be their turn to go for dinner and in this way get to know a different culture. Kind of complicated to organize such an event huh? That is true, but don’t worry, everything is under control. You don’t have to do a thing, well except for cooking that is!
Come on and have a look in someone else’s kitchen.
Keep a good eye on this website, also after the project has finished, when people will report back with their stories. These stories will be written by people who have enjoyed a fine evening out, and whose opinions about “the others” have changed. Above all it will be stories about broadening your horizon and becoming more open to people you don’t know. Hopefully they will leave you with a lovely aftertaste.
(Have a look in some one else's kitchen)
Isn’t it mouth-watering to go out for a meal? We order Rotis at the Surinamese, pick up a pizza from the Italian, get handy with some Chinese chopstick-ing, and for the sweet tooth, honey-dripping baklava from the Turkish bakery. People from all over the world live very close to each other here in the Netherlands. Isn’t it strange how little we actually know about each other? Well, here is your chance to change that. Those other (food)cultures are even closer by than you think. Why not simply go for dinner at someone else’s house, someone who carries those other cultures within them, and who will serve you dishes from their home country. Really, isn’t it about time to taste some of those other cultures that are present in the Netherlands.
The project “Neem eens een kijkje in andermans keuken" (Have a look in someone else’s kitchen) initiated by Tessa Düren invites you on a world trip without having to leave the Netherlands. You will be the guest of someone of a different nationality, who will make a delicious meal for you – In return you will be the host to someone else – You will talk about things that are both pleasant and interesting, about your culture, and your background. Everyone has a story, it is going to be a special evening, and on top of that you will have eaten a delicious meal. It will be on your own ground, but still in a different way.
Neem eens een kijkje in andermans keuken